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Sonett Organic Body and Massage Oil Myrtle-Orange flower (4.9 fl.oz/ 145ml)

The fragrance of myrtle and orange blossom activates and refreshes and conjures up a cheerful smile on your face after a tiring day.
  • 100% vegetable oil
  • Controlled organic farming
  • With rhythmic mistletoe extract

Nourishing care oil in the highest organic quality with rhythmic mistletoe extract activates, harmonizes and forms a protective shell.
Shake the oil well before applying to the skin until the emulsion is evenly creamy.
Within a short time, the skin absorbs the oil very well and feels pleasantly soft and well-groomed.

Olive oil *, mistletoe extract from berries and leaves *, sensitized in the oscillator, lanolin, vegetable alcohol (ethanol) *, essential oils of myrtle * and orange blossom *
* from certified organic farming / wild collection
Olea europaea fruit oil *, Viscum album leaf extract *, Viscum album kernel extract *, Lanolin, Alcohol denat. *, Perfume *: Myrtus communis oil (contains Limonene *, Linalool *), citrus aurantium ssp. amara flower oil * (contains Limonene *)
* certified organically grown / wild growing plants

In the mistletoe form massage oils, lanolin is used to make the dynamic, aqueous mistletoe oscillate with organic olive oil into an emulsion. This emulsion is a shake emulsion which is well shaken before use until the oil is uniformly creamy.

The lanolin used, in the best pharmacopoeia quality, is obtained from the freshly shorn sheep's wool and freed of pesticide and herbicide residues by a special procedure. Its composition is similar to human skin fat. It is therefore very well absorbed by the skin. It nourishes, nourishes and makes the skin supple.

The watery mistletoe is made from the berries and leaves of fir and apple mistletoe, which are harvested in the Deggenhausertal, the headquarters of Sonett. For details on the method of oscillation, see here.

Precious essential oil from the flowers of organic orange trees, also known as neroli, gives this massage oil its incomparably fine fragrance. The organic myrtle oil is obtained by steam distillation from the leaves and flowering branches of the evergreen myrtle shrub.
NCS (Natural Cosmetics Standard)
CSE (Certified Sustainable Economics)

Bottle: glass
Closure: PE / PP
Labels: PE
Product box: recycled material 100%
Outer carton: recycled material 100%