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About NCI

Nature Capital International LLC (NCI USA) is an official representative of the world’s leading manufacturers of bio-organic products, Sonett.

Human interference in nature has been affecting Earth’s biodiversity and our primary mission is to draw attention to these ongoing issues. We want to show that harmonious coexistence between men and nature is possible.

Using environmentally safe resources prevents biohazardous waste from polluting our planet. Unfortunately, nature can't keep replenishing the reserves spent by humankind at this rate. 

Our partners offer exclusive products that correspond with international standards of bio-organic preservation. Research institutions and certification authorities closely control the conditions their organic products are produced in.

We represent and distribute products from the best European and American Organic manufacturers.

Today, more and more products contain artificial additives and other chemical components that are harmful to both the environment and people. Using organically certified products would support these innovations and promote a healthy and beneficiary lifestyle.

We believe that the products that we offer can change the world. Thus, we want to introduce them to an American market and provide an economically and environmentally sound product to our potential customers.