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Sonett Organic Starch Spray and Ironing Aid (17 fl.oz/500ml) ( Pack of 1 ) ( Pack of 2 ) ( Pack of 6 )


Starch Spray and Ironing Aid

0.5 litre    NET 17 fl oz (US)

Ranges of application:
Starches, smoothes, and cares for all textiles made from cotton, linen, hemp, and fabric blends. It makes ironing easier, even with dry and crumpled laundry. Your garments stay free from creases, are dirt-repellent, and retain their shape for a longer period of time. 

Application / Dosage:
Shake bottle before use.Spray clothing evenly from a distance of about 20 cm, and then iron as usual, without using steam.If the spray nozzle gets obstructed, unscrew the spray head and rinse in warm water. 

Note: Not suitable for silk, rayon and other synthetic fibres. Starch spray may cause the floor to be slippery.

Product declaration:
Vegetable alcohol (ethanol) 5–15%
Vegetable starch, certified organically grown 1–5%
Sulphated castor oil <1%
Soap from olive oil, certified organically grown <1%
Citrate <1%
Essential oils (rose geranium, lavender), certified organically grown <1%
Water, swirled up to100%

List of ingredients as per EC 648/2004:

Aqua, alcohol, polysaccharide*, sulphated castor oil, potassium soap*, potassium citrate, perfume* (fragrance), citronellol*, geraniol*, linalool*
*certified organically grown

further information on INCI names

Origin and properties of the ingredients:
Vegetable alcohol (ethanol) is obtained by fermenting plant-based starch. In Sonett Starch Spray it is primarily used to prolong the product’s shelf life. The actual active ingredient is vegetable starch, obtained from corn which is certified organically grown. Olive-oil soap - manufactured from certified organic olive oil - and sulphated castor oil – obtained by direct reaction between castor oil and sulphuric acid - decrease friction during ironing. 

Special product feature:
Unlike conventional ironing starches, Sonett Starch Spray does not contain petrochemical silicone as friction-impeding ironing aid. With Sonett Starch Spray and its purely vegetable ingredients (mostly from organic cultivation), you obtain garments which are excellently starched and cared for. 


Vegan Society

Technical Data: 
Density: (20 °C) approx. 0.99 g / cm³ 
pH value: (20 °C, 5 g / l H2O) approx. 7–8

Ethanol, in small amounts, is also present in nature. When getting into waste water, it is rapidly and 100 % degradable into carbon dioxide and water. Plant-based starch in food quality, sulphated castor oil, and olive-oil soap as substances in harmony with nature are also rapidly and fully biodegradable.  

Starch, sulphated castor oil, and olive-oil soap are classified as being readily biodegradable according to OECD guidelines.
Suitable for septic tanks and filtration systems.

Bottle: PE
Labels / caps: PE/PP
Outer carton: 100% recycling material