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Sonett Organic Traditional Stain Removers Gall Soap, Highly Effective Against Marks Caused By Ink, Blood, Grease, Fruit. ( Pack of 2 ) ( Pack of 12 ) (3.5 fl. oz/ 100g)


Indicated for multipurpose 
spot- and stain-removing

  • Highly effective soap for removing stains and spots 
  • Effective against fruit, blood, grass, 
    ink or grease stains etc.
  • 100% biodegradable


Special product feature

A well-tried, highly effective, inexpensive stain- and spot-removing agent which is incredibly economical in its use.

Ranges of application

Highly effective soap for removing stains and spots caused by grease, fruit, blood, ink, ballpoint pen, grass, and fat, etc. Suitable for all white and colour-fast textiles made from cotton, linen, hemp and fabric blends. 

Application / Dosage

Wet the bar of gall soap and rub onto the dry fabric, then allow it to take effect for 10–15 minutes, wash out thoroughly or place the garment straight into the washing machine. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

Before washing coloured textiles, test their colour-fastness on a concealed spot.


Product declaration

Palm-oil soap, certified organically grown >30%

Coconut-oil soap, certified organically grown 15–30%

Bovine gall powder 1–5%

Chlorophyll, common salt <1%

Sodium thiosulphate <1%

List of ingredients as per EC 648/2004

Sodium soap*, aqua, fel tauri siccum, sodium copper chlorophyllin, sodium chloride, sodium thiosulphate

*certified organically grown

Further information on INCI names ‣

Origin and properties of the ingredients

Soap being an active washing substance, it is obtained by simply boiling fats with alkaline solution. Every fat base differs in its washing properties somewhat from another because of their diversity of origin. Coconut oil as soap base, therefore, possesses particularly good cleaning performance, even in hard water. Soap made from palm oil contributes the required firmness and resistance. The two soaps combined thus form the optimal basis for fully developing the stain-removing property of the gall substance.

Technical data

Soap is slightly alkaline in use. The green chlorophyll colouration of the bars of soap may become lighter by exposure to light. This does not, however, impair the stain-removing performance of the gall soap. The brownish colour appearing is the natural colour of gall.



Right after its use soap loses its surfactant properties (primary degradation) under direct reaction with limescale which is always present in waste water, thus being no longer inimical to live organisms. The calcium soap (formed by the reaction) is then 100 % micro-organically decomposed into carbon dioxide and water (secondary degradation). Bovine gall being a purely natural product is fully degraded within a few days, and reintegrated into the natural cycle. Soap is classified as being readily biodegradable according to OECD guidelines.

Suitable for septic tanks and filtration systems.



CSE (Certified Sustainable Economics)



Folding box: > 80 % rec. mat.

Printing ink: food-grade

Outer carton: 100 % recycling material