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Sonett Surface Disinfectant and Hand Disinfectant effective against coronavirus

Virus – Characteristics:
Coronaviruses are widespread viruses which may cause colds and respiratory infections in human beings. But they may also appear in mammals, especially cats, birds and fishes causing diseases. Coronaviruses belong to the order of Nidovirales and are so-called enveloped viruses.
The virus which appeared in Wuhan (China) last December is a new, unknown variant of said type of virus and its interim designation is 2019-nCoV. It is spreading epidemically.
On the 30th of Jan. 2020 the WHO classified this virus epidemic “health emergency of an international scope”.

Which products are indicated for the disinfection in case of coronavirus?
The Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) being the central institution of the German Federal Government in the area of surveillance and prevention of diseases recommends the following for the disinfection the new coronavirus:

„For chemical disinfection use products proven to be effective within the “range
of limited virucidal efficacy” (effective against enveloped viruses), “of limited
virucidal efficacy PLUS” or “of virucidal efficacy”. Information on disinfection in
case of viruses are to be found in the respective report of the “Arbeitskreis
Viruzidie” (Task Force Virucides) at the RKI.

According to the assessment of the Institute Mikrolab in Bremen, the SONETT Surface Disinfectant’s effectiveness is “of limited virucidal efficacy”.

„Thus, SONETT Surface Disinfectant complies with the prerequisites for being
labelled “limited virucidal” formulated in a report of the Task Force Virucides at
the RKI {“Bundesgesundheitsbl.” 2004, 47' 62-661}, and is, therefore, effective
against all enveloped viruses. In this way these tests also cover the efficacy of
SONETT Surface Disinfectant against the so-called “bloodborne viruses” which
include HBV, HCV, and HIV. Also included are other enveloped viruses such as
the herpes simplex virus, and the human and animal influenza viruses inclusive of H5N1 and H1N1”.

SONETT Hand Disinfectant containing the same active substances as the SONETT Surface Disinfectant (70% ethanol), makes one conclude that it is also effective against all enveloped viruses.

Thus, both the SONETT Surface Disinfectant and the Hand Disinfectant fulfil the official recommendations for being used as effective disinfectants against the acute coronavirus 2019-nCoV.