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Sonett Natural Floor Cleaner (17 fl.oz / 500 ml) ( Pack of 1 ) ( Pack of 2 ) ( Pack of 6 )


Floor Mopping Fluid

Available in:
0.5 litre      NET 17 fl oz (US)

It protects waxed, oiled and varnished floors with a natural wax film and without building up layers. It is suitable for tiles, stone, wood, cork, parquet flooring, laminate, linoleum and synthetic flooring.

Application / Dosage:
Add 5 ml of Floor Mopping Fluid to 5 litres of warm water using the attached measuring cup for dosage.

Attention: The Floor Mopping Fluid should not be used undiluted. Shake well before use. It may darken untreated wood, please test on a suitable spot before use.

Floors primed with hard oil or wax, have to be professionally re-oiled or waxed in regular intervals.

Product declaration:

Sugar surfactants 5–15% 

Potash (potassium carbonate), shellac wax, carnauba wax, Japanese wax, corn-oil soap 1–5%

Vegetable alcohol (ethanol), <1%

Vegetable glycerine <1%

Water up to 100%

List of ingredients as per EC 648/2004:

Aqua, alkylpolyglucoside C8–10, potassium carbonate, shellac, copernicia cerifera, rhus succedanea, alcohol, glycerine

further information on INCI names

Origin and properties of the ingredients:

The substances used for this gentle surface-protecting mopping fluid are carnauba wax, shellac, and Japanese wax.  

Carnauba wax is obtained from the leaves of the South American carnauba palm. Shellac is obtained using the secretions of the lac insects (Laccifer lacca). Japanese wax, obtained by decocting the berries of the Japanese wax tree, protects the surfaces from drying out. It is softer than carnauba and shellac wax. Sugar surfactants, obtained from starch and coconut oil, potash and corn-oil soap, serve to finely emulsify the waxes in the mopping fluid and to disperse them in the water.


Special product feature:

Free from petrochemical solvents, brighteners, emulsifiers and preservatives. Free from silicone oils. Completely biodegradable.


Technical Data:

Density: (20 °C) approx. 0.99 g / cm³

pH value: (20 °C, 20 ml / 10 l H2O) approx. 7–8

Store Sonett Floor Mopping Fluid in a frost-free environment.


Carnauba wax, shellac wax and Japanese wax are natural waxes which are biodegradable. Soap made from vegetable corn oil, like all vegetable soaps, has one outstanding feature compared to all the other active washing substances, namely that, right after its use, it reacts chemically with the limescale always present in waste water, resulting in calcium soap, thus neutralising its surfactant effect on aquatic organisms (primary degradation). The calcium soap is then, by microorganisms, 100% degraded into carbon dioxide and water (secondary degradation). Despite the fact that during the manufacturing of sugar surfactants, constituents are being extracted from the plant-based raw materials, i.e. starch, sugar, and fat, they remain completely intact in their natural molecular structure. For this reason it is relatively easy for the microorganisms to 100% decompose these surfactants. Soap and sugar surfactants are classified as being readily biodegradable according to OECD guidelines.
Suitable for septic tanks and filtration systems.

Bottles / cans: PE
Labels / caps: PE/PP
Outer carton: 100% recycling material