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Sonett ranks amongst the best in Sweden

Sonett ranks amongst the best in Sweden

Sweden’s big daily newspaper ”Expressen” commissioned the independent laboratory Testfakta to do an analysis of ten eco laundry
detergents. Its purpose was to find out whether organic products are really as “green” as they claim to be. As a result, the Sonett Laundry Detergent Sensitive positioned itself amongst the
top results.
The test was to find out the extent to which eco detergents are bio based, and whether they really fulfil their promises. The Carbon-14
method was used for testing. This test answers the question of whether the carbon atoms in the detergent content are derived from biobased material such as plants and animals or from fossil raw materials such as oil and coal. Sonett’s Laundry Liquid Lavender and the Concentrated Laundry Powder were tested as well. The test’s result: Sonett is 100% bio based, completely free from fossil materials and its washing performance is very powerful, even at low temperatures.
Also confirmed was the biodegradability of the laundry detergents, that they contain no enzymes, are environmentally friendly and without any synthetic substances. Even in hard water the products worked well during the test.
“We are very pleased with the results in our European neighbouring country”,
says executive manager Gerhard Heid. ”In addition to aforesaid, all the tested Sonett products bear the Vegan Seal as well, i.e. they are purely plant based.”

Test results:
Report Testfakta:
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